29.10.2019: Conference on collective redress in the EU Parliament

What now for the EU's collective redress Proposal?
19 November 2019 | 09:00 - 11:00 | European Parliament, Brussels

After news emerged in 2015 that Volkswagen had committed fraud on a massive scale, it quickly became clear that Europeans were ill-equipped to get the compensation they deserved. The German car giant refused to compensate its customers, and few countries in the EU had an efficient system in place that allowed consumers to go to court as a group.

In 2018, the Commission decided to take action and proposed to create minimum standards for collective redress in all EU countries. This proposal has been improved by the European Parliament, but Member State governments are progressing only slowly with the file, and with a lot of scepticism.

The conference "What now for the EU's collective redress Proposal?", hosted by BEUC in the EU Parliament in Brussels on 19 November 2019, looks at what the proposal’s bottlenecks are and what must happen to make sure consumers can use an efficient collective redress system anywhere in the EU.


  • Opening words from Geoffroy Didier MEP
  • Speech by Ursula Pachl (deputy director at BEUC)

Panel discussion

  • Evelyne Gebhardt, Member of European Parliament
  • Pedro Oliveira, BusinessEurope
  • Petra Čakovská, S.O.S. Poprad
  • Paolo Martinello, practicing lawyer
  • Dr. Petra Leupold, VKI Academy