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VKI Academy is dedicated to foundational research in the fields of European, international and Austrian consumer law. Our work involves analyzing legal issues of substantive and procedural law in the fields of business law, private law, international private law, data protection, and civil procedure. We cooperate with Austrian and European institutions; provide counseling for governmental bodies and enforcement organizations; and pursue a wide range of activities, including policy work, conducting research, and publishing research findings.

Dialogue and Discussion

The Academy hosts, organizes, and supports conferences and debates in order to advance analysis of legal developments at the forefront of all fields of consumer law. Our goals are to provide a forum for discussion and cooperation among academics, lawyers and other legal professionals, and to bring together various stakeholders from industry and consumer protection to promote the exchange of diverse perspectives.


The Academy offers a special program for consumer law that covers core fields and provides practical guidance, and hosts a wide range of seminars and events on various branches of consumer law each semester. We aim to provide advanced education and practical training for lawyers and legal professionals, and seek to strengthen professional networks within the consumer law community. The Academy also cooperates with the University of Vienna in conducting a Consumer Law Clinic that provides legal training and an in-depth look into the practice of consumer law for legal students.

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